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An Extremely Well-Funded Study of Doors (above/ground, 2023) (you can read an excerpt here)

There Has Been a Murder (Ghost City Press, 2022 - a collaboration with Benjamin Niespodziany and Evan Nicholls)

Claustrophobia, Surprise! (HAD Chaps, 2022 - sold out online, contact me for copies!)

The Pony from Waco (Giallo Lit, 2021)


"Hand Over Foot" + "Well, How Thirsty Are You?" - DIAGRAM (forthcoming)

"I Am in Your Field" + "You Inform Our Regret" + "Who is There Who is There" - New Orleans Review (forthcoming)

"I Am Afraid You Will Not Laugh" - Afternoon Visitor

"The Night Mare" - Passages North (Print)

"Silver" - Pleiades (Pr

"Sexy Giraff
es" - Bennington Review (Print)

"The Secret Lives of a Tall Man in a Special Coat" - DIAG


"Chest to the Ground, Toes Pointed Downward" - Indiana Review (print)


"A Spell" - Los Angeles Review

"Intake" - Joyla

"The Phlebotomist" - Autofocus

Reviews & Interviews

"At the Risk Management Playground: A Conversation with Tucker Leighty-Phillips" - Cleveland Review of Books

"Dreaming Like a Boat: A Cento-Review of Benjamin Niespodziany's No Father than the End of the Street" - Vol. 1 Brooklyn

"Lifting Our Skin Up, Looking for Patterns: A Correspondence with Angelo Maneage" - Cleveland Review of Books


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