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Things I have Read and Am Reading


The System of Vienna (by Gert Jonke, trans. by Vincent King))

Dust (by Adrian Bravi, trans. by Patience Haggin)

The Blue Fox (by Sjon)

The Poetics of Work (by Noemi Lefebvre, trans. by Sophie Lewis)

Geometric Regional Novel (by Gert Jonke, trans. by Johannes W. Vazulik)

The Performance of Becoming Human (by Daniel Borzutzky)

Soy Realidad (by Tomaz Salamun, trans. by Michael Thomas Taren & Tomaz Salamun)

No Real Light (Joe Wenderoth)

Dark Matter (by Aase Berg, trans. by Johannes Goransson)

Transfer Fat (by Aase Berg, trans. by Johannes Goransson)

that they were at the beach (by Leslie Scalapino)

The Swallowed Man (by Edward Carey)

Tsunami from Solaris (by Aase Berg, trans. by Johannes Goransson & Joyelle McSweeney)

Hackers (by Aase Berg, trans. by Johannes Goransson)

Pink Reef (by Robert Fernandez)

Like You (by Beth Richards)

Transgressive Circulation (by Johannes Goransson)

The Curfew (by Jesse Ball)

The Self Unstable (by Elisa Gabbert)

Entrance to a colonial pageant in which we all begin to intricate (by Johannes Goransson)

The House of the Tree of Sores (by Paul Cunningham)

Pilot (Johann the Carousel Horse) (by Johannes Goransson)

Sense Violence (by Helena Boberg, trans. by Johannes Goransson)

The Way Through Doors (by Jesse Ball)

Asterios Polyp (by David Mazzuchelli)

You'll Like It Here (by Ashton Politanoff)

You and Three Others Are Approaching a Lake (by Anna Moschovakis)

Pool (by Annelyse Gelman)

Men & Sleep (by Jay Besemer)

Big Cloudy (by Bill Carty)

The Spoons in the Grass are There to Dig a Moat (by Amelia Martens)

Samedi the Deafness (by Jesse Bal)

Poison for Breakfast (by Lemony Snicket)

Vexations (by Annelyse Gelman)

With Deer (by Aase Berg, trans. by Johannes Goransson)

We Sailed on the Lake (by Bill Carty)

Cloud of Ink (by L.S. Klatt)

Cry Perfume (by Sadie Dupuis)

Ball Pit Bucket Filled With Bridge Water (by Angelo Maneage)

Idaho Falls (by Mikko Harvey)

Weasels in the Attic (by Hiroko Oyamada)

What is Amazing (by Heather Christle)

40 Stories (by Donald Barthelme)

The 8th House (Feng Sun Chen)

99 Stories of God (by Joy Williams)

Tumble Home (by Amy Hempel)

Tuned Droves (by Eric Baus)

A Hundred Thousand Hours (by Gro Dahle, trans. by Rebecca Wadlinger)

Born (Jon Boisvert)

The Trees the Trees (by Heather Christle)

The Tranquilized Tongue (by Eric Baus)

Heliopause (by Heather Christle)

The Crying Book (by Heather Christle)

Rescuers of Skydivers Search Among the Clouds (by Patrick Lawler)

Pamela: a Novel (by Pamela Lu)

The Factory (by Hiroko Oyamada)

Can't and Won't (by Lydia Davis)

The Parking Lot and Other Feral Scenarios (by Darcie Dennigan)

Soul in Space (by Noelle Kocot)

Samuel Johnson is Indignant (by Lydia Davis)

My Year of Rest and Relaxation (by Ottessa Moshfegh)

Alphabet (by Inger Christenson, trans. by Susanna Nied)


Worshipful Company of Fletchers (by James Tate)

Palace of Subatomic Bliss (by Darcie Dennigan)

Distance from Loved Ones (James Tate)

Maybe This is What I Deserve (by Tucker Leighty-Phillips)

Government Lake (by James Tate)

I Am a Very Productive Entrepreneur (by Matthias Svalina)

Three Talks (by Joshua Beckman)

Jesus' Son (by Denis Johnson)

Autoportrait (by Jesse Ball)

The Topeka School (by Ben Lerner)

Hello, the Roses (by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge)

The Madeleine Poems (by Paul Legault)

Your Time Has Come (by Joshua Beckman)

Harrow (by Joy Williams)

Terror, Terrible, Terrific (by Rebecca Wadlinger)

No Farther Than the End of the Street (by Benjamin Niespodziany)

How I Became a Hum (by Eric Baus)

The Diver's Game (by Jesse Ball)

The To Sound (by Eric Baus)

The Other Poems (by Paul Legault)

McGlue (by Otessa Moshfegh)

How to Set a Fire and Why (by Jesse Ball)

The Cosmopolitan (by Donna Stonecipher)

Rainy Days on the Farm (by Lesle Lewis)

Ghost of (by Diana Khoi Nguyen)

A Boot's a Boot (by Lesle Lewis)

Small Boat (by Lesle Lewis)

Mean Free Path (by Ben Lerner)

The Sextine Chapel (by Herve Le Tellier)

Pigafetta is My Wife (by Joe Hall)

March Book (by Jesse Ball)

Light Boxes (by Shane Jones)

Pieces for the Left Hand (by J. Robert Lennon)

Reveilles (by Nathan Hoks)

The Name of the World (by Denis Johnson)

The Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington (by Leonora Carrington)

Where the Ocean Meets the Sky and the Air Tastes Like Metal and the Birds Don't Make a Sound (by Mike Kleine and Dan Hoy)

Nobody Move (by Denis Johnson)

A Dialogue on Love (by Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick)

Until It Feels Right (by Emily Laura Costa)

Notes from the Road (by Mike Ingram)

The Employees (by Olga Ravn)

Get in Trouble (by Kelly Link)

Let the World Have You (by Mikko Harvey)

Soap (by Francis Ponge)

Varieties of Disturbance (by Lydia Davis)

Angle of Yaw (by Ben Lerner)

Imaginary Museums (by Nicolette Polek)

The Lightenberg Figures (by Ben Lerner)

A Treatise on Stars (by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge)

Story (by Jennifer Firestone)

Not I (by Sebastian Castillo)

Small Moods (by Shane Kowalski)

Sixty Poems (by Charles Simic)

Embarrassments (by Graham Foust)

Hear Oars (by Zachary Schomburg)

Sundaey (by Kirsten Ihns)

Leave Society (by Tao Lin)

Bad Thoughts (by Nada Alic)

You Are Very Beautiful When You Watch Me Sleep (by Mark Baumer)

Letters to Wendy's (by Joe Wenderoth)

The Largesse of the Sea Maiden (by Denis Johnson)

The One on Earth (Mark Baumer)

The 9/11 Report (a graphic novel by Sid Jacobsen)

Calamities (by Renee Gladman)

The Depression (by Mathias Svalina and Jon Pack)

Ex Libris (by Anne Fadiman)

Spooky Action at a Distance (by Dalton Day)

High School Romance (by Marston Hefner)

A Children's Bible (by Lydia Millet)

Looney (by Dave Housley)

Invisible Cities (by Italo Calvino)

Concussion Fragments (by Brendan Walsh)

A Song for the Unraveling World (by Brian Evenson)

Persepolis (by Marjane Satrapi)

The Field (by Martin Glaz Serup)

The Deaths of Henry King (by Brian Evenson and Jesse Ball)

American Cavewall Sonnets (by C.T. Salazar)

Zirconia/Bad Bad (by Chelsea Minnis)

Teenager (by Bud Smith)

Everything is Fine (by Zac Smith)

No One is Talking About This (by Patricia Lockwood)

Father's on the Phone with the Flies (by Herta Muller)

Night Train (by A.L. Snijders translated by Lydia Davis)

50 Barn Poems (by Zac Smith)

Vantage (by Taneum Bambrick)

Ennui Prophet (by Christopher Kennedy)

Love, Robot (by Margaret Rhee)

Time (by Etel Adnan)

The Quick and the Dead (by Joy Williams)

Under the Sea (by Mark Leidner)

Wild Milk (by Sabrina Orah Mark)


Return to the city of white donkeys (by James Tate)

The fire eater (by Jose Hernandez Diaz)

Shitting on elves (by Loren Goodman and Pirooz Kalayeh)

The World Doesn’t End (by Charles Simic)

Grapefruit (by Yoko Ono)

Autoportrait (by Edouard Leve)

Fjords Vol. 1 (by Zachary Schomburg) 

Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrocream (by Kim Hyesoon)

Trances of the blast (by Mary Ruefle)

The Man Suit (by Zachary Schomburg)

Facts for Visitors (by Srikanth Reddy)

The Summer Book (by Tove Jansson)

MNML Poems (by Mag Gabbert)

Commotion of the birds (by John Ashbery) 

Dreams of A Dancing Robot Bee (by James Tate)

Systems for the future of feeling (by Kimberly Grey)

Time and Materials (by Robert Hass)

Holy Land (by Rauan Klassnik) 

The Lamp’s Tales (by Paul Colinet)

Hotel Almighty (by Sarah J. Sloat)

The Book of Frank (by CA Conrad)

Scary No Scary (by Zachary Schomburg) 

The babies (by Sabrina Orah Mark)

Saturday (by Ian McEwan)

Handmaid’s Tale (by Margaret Atwood)

Funny (by Jennifer Michael Hecht)

Home Movie Nowhere (by Julia Madsen)

Parable of the Wower (by Octavia Butler)

Returning the Sword to the Stone (by Mark Leidner)

The Seven Good Years (by Etgar Keret)

The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God (by Etgar Keret)

Fjords Vol. 2 (by Zachary Schomburg)

Moony Days of Being (by Nathan Hoks)

Plainwater (by Anne Carson)

Dad Jokes From Late in The Patriarchy (by Amorak Huey)

The Most of It (by Mary Ruefle)

The Tunnel (Russell Edson’s Selected Poems)

Holy Smokes (by Evan Nicholls)

Vanishing Acts (by Brian Barker)

The Irrationalist (by Suzanne Buffam) 

The Ice Cream Man (by Sam Pink)

Pillar of Books (by Moon Bo Young translated by Hedgie Choi)

Underworld Lit (by Srikanth Reddy)

Unrelated Individuals Forming A Group Waiting To Cross (by Mark Yakich)

Dan (by Joanna Ruocco)

Old Habits, New Markets (by Ori Fienberg)

Grief is the thing with Feathers (by Max Porter)

Time Lived, Without Its Flow (by Denise Riley)

Daughters of the State (by Leigh Chadwick)

Lanny (by Max Porter)

The glassy, burning floor of hell (by Brian Evenson)

The Lonesome Bodybuilder (by Yukiko Motoya)

I’m here to make friends (by Robert Long Foreman)

Weather (by Jenny Offill) 

Nests in Air (by Nathan Hoks)

Dreams I never told you & letters I never sent (by David Wojciechowski)

The Whitmire Case (by Joanna Ruocco)

Savage Gods (by Paul Kingsnorth)

World of wonders (by Aimee Nezhukumatathil) 

The Week (by Joanna Ruocco) 

The world cut out with crooked scissors (by Carsten René Nielsen)

Nature Poem (by Tommy Pico)

Severance (by Ling Ma)

The Tormented Mirror (by Russell Edson)

Annihilation (by Jeff Vandermeer)

Marrow Thieves (by Cherie Dimaline)

A concise Chinese-English dictionary for lovers (by Xiaolu Guo)

they found the python (by John Maradik)

Telepaphone (by Adam Soldofsky)

10:04 (by Ben Lerner)

The improper use of plates (by Angelo Maneage)

The babysitter at rest (by Jen George)

The Northerners (by Ben Niespodziany)

Stoner (by John Williams)

The Hole (by Hiroko Oyamada)

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