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periodicities — A Brief Essay on the Prose Poem as a Discursively Concise Form


Los Angeles Review — A Spell

Vol. 1 Brooklyn — Dreaming Like a Boat: A Review of Benjamin Niespodziany's No Farther than the End of the Street + a Cento Interview


Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo — Seven Invasions (Written collaboratively with Ruby Rorty)

HAD — Learning the Difference Between John Updike and Upton Sinclair, and More; Reading Nicholson Baker's U and I in Three Days

Autofocus — The Phlebotomist

X-R-A-Y Lit — Laughing Prudishly; A Review of Marston Hefner's High School Romance

The Cleveland Review of Books — Lifting Our Skin Up, Looking for Patterns: A Correspondence with Angelo Maneage re: "THE IMPROPER USE OF PLATES"

X-R-A-Y Lit — Happy Soon; A Review of Bud Smith's Teenager

The Chicago Maroon — & They Threw a Party

The Chicago Maroon — An Interview with Sammy Rae of Sammy Rae & The Friends

The Chicago Maroon — A Psalm Ate a Spell; A Review of The Northerners and a Conversation with Ben Niespodziany

The Chicago Maroon — What I Learned Ghostwriting Your Love


X-R-A-Y Lit — Whose Presence Joined With Ours Will Create Something Novel; A Review of Adam Soldofsky's Telepaphone

Joyland — Intake 

The Chicago Maroon — Phoenix Poets Series Poised for Relaunch

X-R-A-Y Lit — I Was So Ready to Be Endured: A Review of Laura Theobald's Salad Days

The Chicago Maroon — Meditations on the One Dollar Tomato Slice

Bite Magazine (UChicago) — Bread Crumbs, Dill, a Bunch of Spices

Bite Magazine (UChicago) — I Suppose We'll Have to Forage: In Memory of Bad Hunter

Bite Magazine (UChicago) — A Rat and His Cheeze

Bite Magazine (UChicago) — Review of The Chicago Diner

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