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For When You Want Another Set of Eyes

I'll give you close and careful feedback on any poems, flash fiction, or manuscripts that fall on the poem-y prose or prose-y poem genre spectrum. In addition to basic line edits and ecstatic exclamation marks by my favorite parts, this will include a long-form note articulating what I feel the work is or is trying to do, what it is doing well, and what options for revision may be. Lastly, I can suggest journals (or presses) with whom the work may find a home if publishing is your intent. 

My rates operate on a sliding scale and are as follows:


Single Poem: $7-$15

Packet of poems (4-6): $25-$60

Flash Fiction (less than 2000 words)

Single story: $10-$25

Packet of stories (4-6): $35-$100

Manuscripts (Poems/Micros/Flash/Hybrid)

Chaps: $125-$200

48-80 pages: $225-$300

Longer? We'll make it happen.

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