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A note on my name: I've gone variously as Evan Williams, Evan J. Williams, and even Evan Jerome Williams. Terrible marketing on my end to switch so willy-nilly, but there you have it. I'm writing as Evan Williams at present. 

I'm a student at the University of Chicago studying English and History, and I love thinking about surrealism, autobiography, masculinity, diet culture, and all things related to birds (Ted made me add that part). 

You can find my poems in places like EcoTheo, Juked, The Little Patuxent Review, Hobart, HAD, Elsewhere, and, well, elsewhere. 

Oh! You'll be able to find even more of my work soon in Diagram, Pithead Chapel, Heavy Feather Review, The Bear Creek Gazette, X-R-A-Y Lit, and The Bennington Review.  

If you like what you've read (or if you've read any of the work mentioned above) you may be interested to know that I'm at work on a full-length book of poetry, as well as a hybrid collection of essays and erasures about exercise and body image. If you're an agent or publisher and want to know even more about these projects, drop me a line.  

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