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New Orleans Review — I Am in Your Field + Who is There Who is There + You Inform Our Regret

Word West Revue — The Cactus' Novel

periodicities — Three Excerpts from Nothing Happens Next and It Looks Like Us


Your Impossible Voice - As Beautiful As It Is


Chaudiere Books - Maneuvers

Passages North — The New Moon + Space Beard + The Night Mare (Print)

Afternoon Visitor — Excerpt from Nothing Happens Next and It Looks Like Us I Am Afraid You Will Not Laugh A Ladder to Stand On

Cola Literary Review — Red Filter

Biscuit Hill — The Bike Man


The Columbia Review — I Picture a River The World's Smallest

Ursus Americanus, Landfill — In My Spare Time The Table

Strange Horizons — Yours, Stalagmite

hex — The Screaming Thing Is Also A Friend If You Try Hard Enough Look! A Pile of Coyotes!

HAD — Please Call 1-800-MUR-DERS If You Know Anything (a collaboration with Evan Nicholls and Benjamin Niespodziany)

HAD — Feeling Small (a collaboration with Ruby Rorty)

Heavy Feather Review — An Eight Foot Possum The Circle is a Part of the Hole + Voila Men in Mourning + Love, Us (Print) **An Eight Foot Possum The Circle is a Part of the Hole have been selected for Best Microfiction 2023**

Guesthouse — John, the World's Foremost Expert on Nuclear Strategy

Ghost City Microchap Series — THERE HAS BEEN A MURDER (A collaboration with Ben Niespodziany and Evan Nicholls)

Pleiades — Silver (Print)

The Penn Review — Nuns Out Guns Out

HAD — Mr. Rabbit Sir (A Cento for Dave Housley's Looney)

No Contact — Monster Eye , Eye

The Lickety-Split — Swell The Frog on a Bump on a Branch on a Log in a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea

Bennington Review — Sexy Giraffes (Print)

HAD: Erasures by Tucker Leighty-Phillips, Emily Laura Costa, Sara Potocsny, & a cento by Dorothy Chan using text from Claustrophobia, Surprise!

HAD: Centos by Sara Moore Wagner, Todd Dillard, Matt Mitchell, and David Wojciechowski using text from Claustrophobia, Surprise! 

HAD (Reprint for Book Launch): Private Iowan I Shave Everywhere Three Times a Day Except My Upper Lip + Ted

HAD: The Tall Man


Spillway — Pickled The Back of My Head (Print)

Pithead Chapel — Mommy and Daddy + The Buffalo + Caterpillar Film

DIAGRAM — The Secret Lives of A Tall Man in A Special Coat + Zen and The Art of Egg Maintenance

HAD — Private Iowan

Bear Creek Gazette — Rainbow Cry The Crest

X-R-A-Y Lit — Carl Amos This Is A Threat

Margaret C. Annan Prize for Poetry at the University of Chicago — The Tall Man

Juked — Telemarketing

Elsewhere — Proprietary Matters 

HAD — Here Comes The King Evan Williams was born in a sac of bubblegum

Giallo Lit MicroChap Series — The Pony From Waco 

Little Patuxent Review — Something Quite Big (Print)

HAD — I Shave Everywhere Three Times A Day Except My Upper Lip (Nominated for Best Microfiction 2022)

Sweeter Voices Still, Belt Publishing — 

A Seed + A Harvest + If Plates Are Shirts Are Milk Jars (Reprint)


Occulum — A Letter From A Million Crayfish + My Friends

Ecotheo — The Sheds

HAD — Ted  (Selected for Best Microfiction 2021)

perhappened — A Family Story  (Nominated for Best Microfiction 2021)

Rogue Agent Journal — Living At Home, My Teleological Closet

Heavy Feather Review — On Eggs

Fourteen Poems — The New Achilles

The New Territory — Reclamation


Crack The Spine, "The Year" Anthology — Doublequartercenturywithcheeseplease

Sooth Swarm Journal — Citric Satisfaction


Rockvale Review — If Plates Are Shirts Are Milk Jars

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